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People hope to make great career choices that will lead them to a fulfilling and successful future. Not everything, unfortunately, is in your control when you factor job satisfaction into the equation. If you’re consistently not meeting job expectations or having nightmares because of a toxic workplace, these are indications that you’re not in the right job.

You need to leave your current position or make a career change if you come across the following red flags:

Your Job Doesn’t Make Use of Your Strengths

There’s no such thing in the world as a perfect job. When you begin feeling disillusioned about your work, this is because you don’t have enough opportunities to use your strengths.

Before you throw in the towel, though, evaluate the areas in your work that energize you and enable you to play with your strengths. Work with your team leader or manager to figure out how to include more of these opportunities in your current position. 

You’re No Longer Passionate About Your Job

A surefire indication that you’re in the wrong job is when the contribution you make and the passion for work no longer make you get up each day. Sometimes, employees lose the fire in their belly because of shifting expectations, moving goalposts, a horrible boss, family sacrifices or long hours. Determine whatever dampens your passion and figure out if you can change the situation for the better. If you can’t do this, make a career change.

You’re Unsure How Your Work Impacts the Organization

Do you have a firm grasp of how the work you do positively affects the company? If the response to this question is a “no,” you’re probably not a great fit for the job. Rather than quit right away, talk to your boss to learn how the work you do improves the organization. 

You Don’t Feel Comfortable Speaking Your Mind

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Even if your opinions are unpopular (or even downright controversial), you should feel comfortable speaking up to your work colleagues, manager or even the CEO. The moment you realize that you prefer to keep your mouth shut is the moment you realize you’re in the wrong environment. 

An organizational culture that fails to support varying thoughts and opinions stifles careers and creativity. Either you find your voice in the organization — or find a different company. 

You Can’t Be Yourself

Unless you’re a professional actor, your current job position may be a terrible fit if you find yourself at work trying to be someone you’re not. Bringing your best, whole self to your work means that you’re aligned with the principles you stand for. When this is true, you can spend less time and energy pretending. 

You are Unable to Advance in the Corporate Ladder

Ideally, a person’s career should follow an upward trajectory. If your job, however, tops out and there’s no room for advancement, don’t wait months or years for a promotion to materialize. Be responsible enough to choose an organization where your career can continue to climb.

You Find Your Workload Overwhelming

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There’s a big difference between an untenable job and a busy job. Do you often feel overwhelmed because the company is understaffed and has no plans to hire more people?  This can serve as a detriment to your job, especially if you are unable to keep up with your deliverables and feel overextended. 

You’re Constantly Bored

One common sign of being in the wrong organization or role is boredom. When you realize that you are doing your work without enthusiasm and become distracted by minor issues easily, this is a sure sign that you need to make a job change. Although everyone experiences boredom sometimes, you need to know how to differentiate constant boredom from occasional boredom. 

You’re a Loner in the Office

Friendships in the workplace are crucial. Having friends at work can help improve your work performance and job satisfaction. If you’re not clicking with anyone in your team or any employee in the office, you could be in the wrong job. A sign that you haven’t acclimated to the organization is when you haven’t established friendly relationships at work after several months.

Your Gut is Telling You to Quit

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Sometimes, people realize that they’re in the wrong job or organization on the first day of work. If a part of you is telling you to get out of there, don’t ignore your gut. Look at the situation objectively and see if this job is something that you will enjoy for many years to come.

If you eventually realize that your work sucks, don’t resign immediately. Make sure that you have another job lined up or have enough funds to pursue whatever you want once you leave the organization. 

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