Is UX Design a Growing Industry?

In the initial segment of the YouTube video “Should you be a UX Designer 2024? | Everything you need to know,” the host explores the fundamentals of UX design and the current professional landscape. UX designers focus on creating enjoyable digital experiences, such as apps and websites. The role is in high demand, offering an average starting salary of $75,000 to $85,000. However, the tech industry, including UX design, has experienced growth but also significant job losses.

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In 2023, over 240,000 jobs were lost, creating intense competition with 500,000 individuals seeking entry into the field. Despite this, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics notes 225,000 open roles in UX design. As the video progresses, the speaker discusses opportunities for entry-level designers, highlighting the industry’s expected 16% growth over the next decade and a consistent median annual salary of around $80,000.

Concerns about AI displacing UX designers are addressed, with the speaker emphasizing the tool’s limitations in replacing human qualities like critical thinking and empathy. The video recommends collaboration with AI for efficiency but not sole reliance. Additionally, the decision-making process for becoming a UX designer is explored, emphasizing quality over speed, leveraging personal connections, and adopting a casual approach during networking. Commitment is identified as crucial for success, with recommendations to invest time in skill development, portfolio creation, and gaining hands-on experience. The concluding section briefly introduces the UX design profession, teases a beginner-level course, and invites audience support while seeking feedback. Overall, the video provides a comprehensive overview and considerations for those evaluating a career in UX design in 2024.


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