Your Guide to Construction Equipment Tracking Systems

In the comprehensive YouTube tutorial, “Best GPS Tracker for Car, Trailers, Construction Equipment, or other Assets for 2023,” Joshua from American AF in Dallas offers valuable insights into his experience utilizing Apple AirTags for dumpster tracking and construction equipment tracking systems. Previously challenged by the absence of batteries in dumpsters for traditional GPS devices, Joshua found a fitting solution in AirTags—affordable, convenient, and boasting a replaceable battery lasting up to a year. To ensure durability, he secures the AirTags within watertight Pelican cases attached to the dumpsters.

Having successfully employed this method for over a year without complaints, Joshua sheds light on the functionality of AirTags, relying on pings from nearby iPhones to pinpoint the last known location of assets. Transitioning to the realm of optimal usage, he underscores the critical need to manage notification settings on GPS trackers.

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By strategically disabling alerts triggered beyond specified ranges, users can circumvent unnecessary interruptions during routine activities, such as leaving construction sites or managing dumpster rentals.

Joshua further accentuates the protective role of Pelican cases and advocates for the timely replacement of batteries. This holistic approach, seamlessly integrating innovative technology with thoughtful notification customization and robust protective measures, presents an efficient and effective GPS tracking solution for diverse asset management scenarios, marking a significant stride in optimizing tracking methodologies for various applications in 2023 and beyond.


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