How Magnalocks Help Secure Your Property

In the realm of security, electromagnetic locks, commonly known as maglocks, stand as stalwart guardians of property safety. Maglocks play a crucial role not only in conventional security doors.

One prevalent type is the bar-style maglock, often seen securing security doors in offices and buildings. It operates by creating a powerful magnetic field when powered with 12 volts DC, ensuring a robust and reliable means of access control. Installation involves affixing the maglock to the door frame and a complementary armature plate on the door, creating a secure bond.

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For more nuanced applications, fail-safe cabinet-style maglocks offer versatility. These locks, designed to secure smaller spaces like drawers and cabinets, only require power to unlock, providing a fail-secure mechanism. Understanding the intricacies of these locks is essential, especially the management of back electromotive force (back EMF), which can be mitigated using diodes to prevent potential damage.

Crucially, maglocks contribute to property safety through their fail-secure nature and ingenious design features. Their ability to withstand power cuts ensures that doors remain locked in emergency situations. Additionally, incorporating self-resetting mechanisms, as demonstrated with micro switches, enhances safety by preventing continuous power supply and potential damage to the lock components.

In essence, maglocks, or magnalocks, emerge as reliable sentinels in the realm of property security, embodying versatility, durability, and innovative features that contribute to safeguarding valuable assets.

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